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Have you ever experienced "The Freeze"? A customer says something like: "talk dirty 4 me, bb," and you clam up, unsure what to say or where to start. You stammer, worried that the first thing to spill out of your mouth will be embarrassingly inappropriate or, worse, offensive. Don't worry! This is a pretty common reaction to this request. The good news is that dirty talk is a skill, an important camming tool that can be sharpened with practice. Here are some tips to help you overcome "the freeze" and verbally arouse your viewers and fans with confidence.

  1. Do your research! And by research, I mean head to your local bookstore or jump on the web and read some erotica. This will expand your naughty vocabulary, and perhaps even introduce you to phrasing and scenarios you haven't considered before.
  2. Start off simple. Very basic and complimentary phrases like "that feel's so good" or "I want you inside me" may seem generic or uninspired, but as you get more comfortable with the art of dirty talk, you'll gradually start adding more engaging details.
  3. Be wary of trigger words. Some customers will love it when you drop an f-bomb or c-u-next-Tuesday. Some will call you a whore or a slut or asked to be called one by you. And some will find these words offensive. But if you're flying blind with a customer you don't know, stay away from anything that might be considered demeaning unless they ask for it specifically. On that note you should
  4. Learn as much as you can about what the customer wants. Ask them questions that will give you more direction. Something as simple as "do you like it when I touch myself here?" will give you valuable information. If they want you to be submissive or innocent, speak softly. If they want you to take the dominant role, speak aggressively (in a sexy, not threatening way). If they use a specific word or phrase that might be deemed a trigger, it's probably okay for you to use words that might make your mother toss her cookies.
  5. If improvising is not your strong point, use your own personal fantasies or steamy experiences as a jumping off point. It will lend authenticity to your dirty talk, and customers will enjoy hearing more about your secret off-cam life.
  6. Most importantly, be descriptive. This will come with time and experience, but the most effective dirty talk stimulates as many of the 5 senses as possible. Of course you'll focus most on sight and touch, but talking about taste, smells, and sounds can add layers of dimension to your word-pictures.
  7. Be confident and make eye contact. Again, the confidence will come with experience, but whether you're asking a probing question like "do you like it when I (blank)?" or commanding a submissive customer to worship at your feet, it's best to look right down the barrel of the camera and speak to them directly.

Improving your dirty talk is not just for situational customer requests. The right words can add heat to any performance, and will also allow you to slow the pace of a show that might be moving too fast. Rather than ripping of your clothes, you can tell a customer: "I love it when you peel my panties down my creamy thighs with your teeth." A customer asking you to go faster and harder with your toy might be quelled with something like "It's too much. I can't take it. Do me slowly. Ravage me."

But regardless of whether you're called upon to talk dirty or not, it is a valuable tool for any cam model to have in their toolbox. And like any skill, even the most socially awkward of us can improve with regular practice.

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